At the top of our world the air is thin, there are not many who can survive, embarking on a journey to the top of the world always requires preparation, it requires motivation, it requires perseverance, it requires patience and most importantly faith in oneself to challenge the status quo. This class of people who challenge the status quo at each step are called the entrepreneurs, inspired by the doers we have started with our first social group for leaders of tomorrow.

Our first Start-Up Coffee event – convened at the Café Coffee Day, Kowdiar, took place on Saturday 27thof October. The event started at 4.00 as planned and was attended by around 30 entrepreneurs from different walks of life.

The session unfolded with a MNBI team member enlightened the audience with his past experience with a gaming venture in the USA in the late ‘90s. Soon entrepreneurs were presenting their Next Big Idea to the group. Each speaker then had the opportunity to debate their idea with the group. It was really appreciable that the Government had come up with the 30 day to Freedom campaign, we had some interesting ideas from students entrepreneurs as well.

A couple of hours very well spent” was the resounding consensus of the crowd and appreciation that we plan to hold these events twice a month.

Ideas were definitely raining!

Startup Coffee second edition happens on Saturday 10th November, 2012 at Cafe Coffee Day, Kowdiar. Register here