Seed capital sometimes called as family funding is the initial round of investment typically made by the founders to start the business so that it has enough funds to survive the infancy period and reach a state where business is capable of running by itself or has created something valuable that is worthy of raising more money. This financial bootstrapping is very essential for every new new start-up business.

The fledgling incubation industry here in India seems to have set a limit in investments to be between US$ 10,000 and US $ 15,000. Our experience working with over 80 start-ups shows this just does not stack up. Unless you are extremely fortunate, proof of concept and arriving at what we term your Minimum Viable Product just cannot be secured for that, however careful you are and wise with your boot strapping. At MNBI we want every business to succeed and if we agree to incubate your idea, we will ensure that you have sufficient funds to give you the greatest likelihood of attaining your objectives.

Our approach is to limit investments only to those businesses where we understand the market very well and able to add value by taking a very active role. We believe we are good at building great web and mobile businesses and what this means is – we will be investing only on those 2 type of businesses. However we don’t mind deviating a bit from the rules if you can convince us that you have a business idea which is a real winner.

Apart from seed investment, we also offer you office space, telephone, fax and internet services. So you are getting an opportunity to work in a business environment alongside other start-up entrepreneurs and bear in mind – Most of those successful companies out there have grown from incubators to strong places in their fields.