How your product is perceived in the market place depends on your positioning strategy.

Team MNBI helps you formulate a positioning strategy by understanding the market place in terms of customer segmentation, competitor information, pricing and value proposition.

The unique positioning of your product can be the difference between a mediocre or a successful product. One solution doesn’t fit all startups. Depending on your product idea, your strategic vision and the problem that your product aims to solve, the right targets are identified.

Most startups come across 3 main options

1. Positioning your product against your competitors, “Our prices are half of that you may find else where for similar products”
2. Emphasizing a distinctive unique benefit “the only book keeping system that instantly calculates your taxes”
3. Affiliating your product with something the customer knows and values “the same archiving system used by NASA”

A great startup should have attractive messages to suite their product. A positioning statement depends on your customers, benefits, methodology adopted and it’s USP (Unique Selling proposition). Though there are advocates saying USP is pass√©, it’s what makes your product tick in the marketplace.

You will use your positioning strategy to design all your marketing communications, and integrate it with every aspect of your marketing program. Any and everything you will do as part of your marketing program, from web site design to product packaging and advertising, should aim mainly at convincing customers of the points contained in your positioning statement.

So, put the statement where you can always see it, and always get back to it whenever you are marketing the specific product for which it was crafted.Your positioning statement reflects what you need to communicate about a specific product, and to whom, so you will always hit the right button, communicating the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Your Customer must also get the message you are conveying, the way you meant it to be.

We’ve seen great business ideas failing to make it big simply because of a flawed strategy. All members of the MNBI program go through a very stringent grooming exercise to position their product for the right set of customers and ensuring their product solves the problems of the market place in the most efficient way possible.